Philanthropic Chapter No. 304

Philanthropic Chapter No. 304
Consecrated 23rd December 1863
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Supreme order of the Holy Royal Arch

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Philanthropic Chapter
No. 304

Philanthropic Chapter is amongst one of the oldest Chapters in Leeds, we were consecrated in 1863.
The Chapter celebrated it's centenary in 1963 and 150 years sesquicentenary in 2013.
We are located at the Masonic Hall, Castle Grove, Headingley, LEEDS LS6 4BP.
The Chapter meets on the first Wednesday in February, April, June, October and December in each year at 6.30 pm.
Our Installation is December.


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The Rev. A. F. A. Woodford was the first named Founder of Philanthropic Chapter. He was a Craftsman of world-wide reputation, and one of the most distinguished Masons who ever lived either in this country or elsewhere; an eloquent speaker, a learned writer, and a profound scholar.
Provincial Grand Chapter
of Yorkshire
West Riding
Supreme Grand Chapter
of England
Masonic Province of Yorkshire
West Riding
United Grand Lodge
of England
What is Royal Arch Masonry?

The  Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry. Its members,  called Companions, meet in Chapters under a Grand Chapter. Chapters are  ruled over by three Principals, who rule conjointly, and the Grand  Chapter is ruled over by three Grand Principals, with a Pro First Grand  Principal when the First Grand Principal is a Royal Prince.
Chapters  at home are grouped as a Metropolitan area or Provinces (based on the  old Counties) and Chapters overseas are grouped in Districts.  Metropolitan, Provincial and District Grand Chapters are ruled over by a  Grand Superintendent who is appointed by the First Grand Principal as  his personal representative for the particular area.
In  England the Royal Arch has four ceremonies: the exaltation ceremony to  bring in new members and an installation ceremony for each of the three  Principals. The exaltation ceremony is in two parts: a rather dramatic  presentation of the principles of the Order followed by three Lectures  in which the history, symbolism and principles of the Royal Arch are  further explained. Like Craft Freemasonry, the Royal Arch is open to men  of all faiths.
The  allegory of the exaltation ceremony is based on the Old Testament  telling of the return to Jerusalem from the Babylonish captivity to  rebuild the city and temple. In clearing the ground of the original  temple for the foundations of the second temple, the candidate makes a  number of discoveries which emphasise the centrality of God to man’s  life and existence and, without transgressing the bounds of religion,  lead the candidate to a consideration of the nature of God and his  personal relationship with Him, whatever his religion might be.
In  England, the Royal Arch is considered to be the completion of “pure  ancient Masonry”. In the Craft the candidate is presented with a series  of eminently practical principles and tenets which if he practises them  he may hope to live a life pleasing to his God, however he worships him,  and of service to his fellow man. But man is not simply a practical  being, he has an essential spiritual aspect to his nature. That  spiritual aspect is introduced in the Third Degree, in which the  candidate is led to a contemplation of man’s inevitable destiny, and  becomes the central message of the Royal Arch. In that sense, “pure  ancient Masonry” can be seen as a journey of self – knowledge and  discovery with the Royal Arch completing the practical lessons of the  Craft by a contemplation of man’s spiritual nature, not replacing but  reinforcing and supporting what he has learned from his religion.
With grateful thanks to Supreme Grand Chapter.

Apron and Sash

The Royal Arch Jewels

The Three Principals Robes

Purple Robe - 2nd Principal (left)

Scarlet Robe - 1st Principal (centre)

Blue Robe - 3rd Principal (right)

The Sojourners Robe
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